The Cool Adventurer

With its thick 120-mm-suspension fork and the 20-inch rough-textured tyres, the CROSS loves fast downhill performances and trails. Thanks to the steel spring buffers it absorbs roots and stones without a problem. BMXers and Freestylers: this shred provides lots of fun rocking northshore drops and banks!

Technical characteristics

  • Weight: approx. 10,7 kg
  • Frame: high-quality aluminum 6061 t6
  • Pedal arm: high-quality aluminum 7005
  • Brakes: disc brakes (180 mm)
  • Fork: downhill suspension fork (120 mm)
  • Back buffer: steel spring buffer (80 mm)
  • Tyres: rear and front tyre 20"
  • Handlebar and stem: kalio light construction aluminum
  • LGA-approved
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