Protect Nature, Respect People and enjoy your Ride!

skyver philosophy

An exhausting but enjoyable ascent through nature, a sandwich at a cozy alpine hut, a beautiful view of the mountain world….. and then?
Then you always have to go back down to the parking area, mostly with less enthusiasm; walking on long forestry and cat-tracks which can cause serious knee pain for many mountain sportsmen. Wouldn’t it be funny to roll down fast like mountain bikers do, now?

With such a way of thinking and six years of cutting-edge work with the latest technology from mountain bike manufacturing, we developed the solution for the ultimate mountain sports adventure: the MountainSkyver, a portable, sportive mountain scooter.

With the MountainSkyver long descents belong in the past - and instead the discovery of new trails in the mountains is waiting for you. Because there are no limits for your mobility anymore: the MountainSkyver provides totally new dimensions of planning tours, mountain crossings and first Skyver ascents – of course always following our motto “protect nature, respect people and enjoy your ride” – and that right in this order!

We love the mountains and nature and have previously tried many mountain sports, from mountain biking to walking tours. In doing so we were often especially uncomfortable going downhill and had always been searching for a sport which corresponded most to our desire to freedom. This motivation lead us to develop a new way of locomotion on the mountain with the MountainSkyver: the skiving. Walking uphill but skiving downhill, saving time and having a lot of fun – pure outdoor-feeling for all sportsmen with personality and the courage to look beyond their own nose!

The first production run of the MountainSkyver was delivered in August 2009 and was out of stock immediately. It is now available as the models SUMMIT, KIBO, CROSS and ROCK as well as the freely configurable FREESOLO. They are aimed at different areas of application from hiking to downhill performances and differ concerning their weight and carrying comfort and their equipment and driving characteristics.

All MountainSkyver models have one simple but very efficient construction in common: to save weight, we refrained from using a seat because the geometrical conception of the scooter makes this component unnecessary in use. At the construction, we focused on two things: high stability and low weight - in this order! We want to avoid breakdowns in the mountains and designed the MountainSkyver as a robust and technically uncomplicated product. At the same time we always kept thinking of the sportive user, when developing the MountainSkyver. Everybody is able to handle the scooter – but there’s a lot of space for progress and development from normal driving skills to perfect control on cross country terrain.

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