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Hiking uphill, rolling downhill: the MountainSkyver offers you more fun in the mountains! Thanks to its light weight and small pack size you can carry our mountain scooter uphill with any backpack, easily and comfortably. And if you mainly want to go downhill, you will easily find place in any gondola. At the summit, the MountainSkyver is ready for the downhill drive with three steps in less than a minute. The MountainSkyver offers you a mountain sports adventure with a new dimension.

The MountainSkyver distinguishes itself with optimal driving control and downhill characteristics. On flat routes it’s driven like a scooter using a roller technique. To brake you have thick (180 mm) disc brakes. Going downhill you stand on the fold out foot rests, attached to the sides with their individually adjustable angle. The foot rests are continuously adjustable and offer you an individual ride height which makes the MountainSkyver suitable for all body heights.

The four models cover different usage types: the MountainSkyver models SUMMIT and KIBO on the one hand, are used as knee-relieving downhill equipment for the alpine sportsman. On the other hand, the models CROSS-X and ROCK provide completely different possibilities to freestylers and downhill professionals. With the FREESOLO you can even create your highly individual MountainSkyver model.

Handling and driving technique are easily and quickly learned – which makes the MountainSkyver not only the ideal sports equipment for cycling or technique freaks but also for fit mountain lovers in their prime who want to rest their joints when going downhill.

Enjoy your ride!

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